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Recode ISRI Serial Number

Do you want to know what type of ISRI vehicle seat you have because you need to make a service request?

The exact type of seat and the material number of an ISRI seat can be identified by the serial number. Please contact our sales partners or repair shops with the determined material number for replacement or repair requirements. Extensive documentation for the identified seat type can be found in our download area.

Limited function: 
This feature is currently being revised.

Where is the serial number located on my ISRI vehicle seat?

In case of pneumatic suspension seats the serial number is located at the bottom on the side of the control unit and is visible after loosening and lifting the lower edge of the rubber bellow. Depending on customer requirements, the serial number can also be located, for example, at the front of the lower frame or at the rear of the substructure. Please enter the first eleven digits of the serial number of the seat to determine the seat type and ISRI material number. An exemplary number with the relevant range of digits is shown above.

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